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Park and Walk Convenience.

ConnectMyEV offers true Park-And-Walk convenience. With up to 16" or lateral / longitudinal and up to 20deg of yaw misalignment tolerance, it doesn't need any parking assist technology.

Dynamic Charging for Real-Time-Energy-Pricing.

ConnectMyEV's patented architecture is crafted to slow down charging when electricity price it too high, or speed up charging when prices are low. All this, while ensuring that you will have a car with full charge when you want it.

Easy to Integrate / Add.

The vehicle side device of ConnectMyEV charging system is only the size of a smartphone. It uses the standardized J-1772 charge port which every EV has. Lastly it produces no magnetic fields to interfere with any of the electronic components on your EV. This makes ConnectMyEV easy to retrofit on your EV. For an OEM, this means ease of integration into EV.

The ground side device has a low profile and can be installed on the surface of your garage floor, without any need to dig up the garage floor.

100% Efficient.

Being a conductive system, ConnectMyEV delivers energy with 100% efficiency. The efficiency does not depend on how badly the EV is parked.,With its 100% efficiency, it is environmentally friendly as well as from the view of an OEM, it does not degrade EVs MPGe rating.


ConnectMyEV is a powerful charging system, yet it is completely safe to everyone around it. Being a conductive system, it produces no magnetic field that is hazardous to humans or small pets. Furthermore, it complies with UL, NEC and FMVSS safety requirements, thus limiting the liability of OEM.


With the humans removed from the connection process, ConnectMyEV's proprietary technology delivers consistent contact force and surface brushing every time a connection is established. As a result, it easily handles high current throughput, delivering high power demands of modern EVs and fast charging systems.

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