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ConnectMyEV - based in Silicon Valley and formerly known as Green-Dot-Charging, is the world's leading provider of smart and hands free chargers for Electric Vehicles (EVs). ConnectMyEV’s charging system is based on its proprietary conductive hands free charging technology which is 100% efficient and is scalable to high power levels required for DC fast charging. Being conductive, it’s capable of orchestrating large power swings to optimally take advantage of real-time energy pricing. This can significantly lower the cost of charging your EV and in some cases even pay you back to charge.


ConnectMyEV, technology can be retrofitted onto an EV or can be deployed as an add-on accessory at the time of EV purchase. The charging system comprises of (i) a ground side unit, (ii) a vehicle side unit, (iii) a dongle that plugs into OBD-II port, (iv) a wall unit and (v) an app for your smart phone. The ground side unit has a low profile and it can be placed on the surface of garage floor or where you would normally park your EV - such as a driveway. The vehicle side unit - which is the size of a smartphone, receives the energy from the deployed arm of ground side unit. The energy received is routed to the SAE-J-1772 charge port that exists on all EVs.


Once connected, the ConnectMyEV system will communicate to utility servers to acquire real-time pricing information. ConnectMyEV’s optimizing computer then takes into account instantaneous and predicted energy prices, any "transactional energy" coupons you may have purchased and the constraints as to when the vehicle readiness is required. With this information, it will chart a course - and continually correct it, to charge your EV so that it’s ready when you want it, while minimizing the overall cost to charge. This not only saves you money, but also eases the electricity grid loading.

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